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My name is Elisabeth Falkenberg. I am the founder of DreamBag and mother of four children. I developed DreamBag in 2012 when my kids were small.

I was often awakened at night because one or more children had kicked off the duvet and had become cold. Gradually my nights were destroyed, and I longed for sleep and surplus to be together as a family.

I needed a functional sleeping bag that could not be kicked off and at the same time able to keep the children calm and keep them warm inside and out. The result was DreamBag!

DreamBag stands for quality, Danish design and better sleep.

The sleeping bag has a calming effect – like the weight of a parent’s gentle hand on the chest. It encloses the child and gives a sense of security and closeness. DreamBag cannot be kicked off and it therefore prevents the child from waking up because it has been cooled.

DreamBag helped my own children for a day of good sleep, and the sleeping bag brought profits into our family of six. DreamBag has all the qualities I was looking for in a sleeping bag. That is why I am of course extremely proud to be able to say that in DreamBag we ensure “better sleep for the whole family.”

– Elisabeth Falkenberg, founder of DreamBag

At DreamBag, quality and functionality are crucial. Our sleeping bags must be beautiful to look at, delicious to touch and practical in use.

DreamBag is available in two sizes, which are suitable for children from 6 months to 4 years. The sleeping bag can be used indoors, with or without sleeves. And as something new, from 2019 we also present DreamBag in a model with removable mittens and hood. The cover can easily be zipped off the sleeping bag and placed in the washing machine.

All covers are produced in GOTS-certified or OEKO-TEX 100 cotton, and the sleeping bag is available with natural wool filling or down filling with 90 percent goose down.

May 1, 2019, BabyBag changed its name to DreamBag. The quality and design of the sleeping bags are the same, and we look forward to ensuring better sleep for even more families.


What other parents are saying

Makes it easier to calm down

The sleeping bag is so nice and high quality! The bag makes my son easier to calm down and sleep better because he can't go around in bed the same way...

Carina Bækgaard Melgaard

Best investment

Buying a dreambag has been one of the best investments we have made for our daughter! The reason was that she kicked off the duvet, and we are over now. As a bonus we have a child who falls asleep faster and sleeps much quieter at night…

Linda-Sophia Danielsen

Sleeps longer

Totally amazing invention! Our son slept a quarter of a time a couple of times during the day. Now he sleeps two or three hours at a time...

Marianne Bro