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Weighted sleeping bag

Amazing sleeping bag for babies and small children

Weighted sleeping bag

DreamBag the weighted sleeping bag: DreamBag was originally designed to prevent children from getting the duvet over their heads or kicking off the duvet and thereby being cooled down during their sleep. DreamBag is helping many parents to a night of better sleep because they no longer have to worry this will happen.


Amazing extra benefits

But DreamBag is more than that, many parents experience that their child:

  1. Falls asleep faster
  2. Gets a calmer sleep
  3. Wakes up fewer times at night
  4. Sleeps longer

We cannot ask small children why a DreamBag with weight provides them with a night of better sleep. But experience shows that when children are put to sleep in a sleeping bag with weight, they are comforted.
The weight of a DreamBag is like the gentle embrace of a parent.

Read all the amazing reviews on Facebook (4,9/5) and Trustpilot (Excellent) from parents who have had their families sleep improved.

DreamBag is much more than a weighted sleeping bag

– DreamBag is for children with or without sleeping problems.
– DreamBag ensures your child does not get cooled down or get the duvet over the head.
– DreamBag is perfect for the night’s sleep or a nap in the stroller.
– DreamBag is a quality sleeping bag in Danish design.
Dreambag is produced in organic GOTS or Okoe-tex 100 certified materials.

GOTS - tyngdepose fra Dreambag

Function and details come together

– Available in 3 sizes from 6 months up to 6 years.
– Detachable cover and sleeves. Size 1 furthermore with detachable mittens and hood.
– DreamBag filling in wool or goose down.
– Easily adjustable for use inside or outside, in the summer as well as wintertime.


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Read all the amazing reviews on Facebook

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