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Better sleep for the whole family

Do you dream about your child sleeping better? Are you longing for your night’s sleep?
A sleeping bag from DreamBag gives the child sense of comfort in order to sleep better.
Outside and inside – Day and night.

The baby sleeping bag and the junior sleeping bag from DreamBag ensure better sleep for the whole family. As a parent, you do not need to worry about your child getting the duvet over the head or kicking it off and being cooled down.

Our customers find that their children sleep better in a DreamBag. The sleeping bag enwraps the child and has a calming effect like the touch of a parent’s gentle hand on the chest. At DreamBag we often get testemonies from parents who say that their child falls asleep much easier, has a much more calm sleep and awakens fewer times in the night when sleeping in one of our DreamBags.



What other parents says

Sleeps longer

An absolutely amazing invention! Our son slept 15 minutes at a time during the day. Now he sleeps two to three hours at a time…

– Marianne Bro

Best investment

Buying a dreambag has been one of the best investments we have made for our daughter! The reason being she kicked off the duvet but we are past that now. And as a benefit she falls asleep faster and has a much calmer sleep during the night…

– Linda-Sophia Danielsen

Makes it easier to calm down

The sleeping bag is really nice and of high quality! The bag makes it easier for my son to fall asleep and he also has a better sleep because he stopped tossing and turning…

– Carina Bækgaard Melgaard

Falls asleep within a few minutes

My son has always been seeking comfort, he had difficulties falling asleep and he slept uneasily. DreamBag has given him the peace and comfort. Today he falls asleep by himself within a few minutes – both day and night…

– Clara Mai Dalsgaard

I had to put on the duvet over and over again

We bought a DreamBag because our son kept kicking off the duvet at night. It provided poor sleep for everyone, especially for me. I slept very lightly so I could wake up quickly and put the duvet back on him over and over again during the night. DreamBag has not only brought a good night’s sleep to all of us. I also give DreamBag credit for our son rarely being sick since he doesn’t get cold at night anymore…

– Solveig Beck Nielsen

Doesn’t toss around anymore

We are REALLY excited about our DreamBag! Ever since we got our sleeping bag my daughter slept through the night. She generally sleeps better and doesn’t wake up anymore during the night. It used to happen a lot because she was tossing around or lying across the bed. So the DreamBag is a big hit in our home!

– tina Elkjær Poulsen

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